Thank you for your interest in my work! I love to do commissions as it allows for me to get to know my clients on a personal level! the art has a special meaning behind it from the details I gather from the clients home design, personality, and interest! I love getting to see how my work enhances their space; making it unique, special, and a place for them to love! 

How it works 

If you are interested in a painting please send me an email with the following information:

  1. Contact information 
  2. size
  3. orientation (landscape, portrait)
  4. Canvas or paper 
  5. frame or no frame - I currently can do gold, white, and silver gallery frames on any size canvas or paper - Frame will be included in the price 
  6. images of the space it will go in and Any fabric samples or color inspiration
  7. any extra information to help me create your ideal painting

**If you have found any pieces of work that I have created that have either sold or you would like a different size, please send that work and the size your are needing..  Please know that I can not duplicate any piece exactly as each piece is an original, but will do my best to accommodate your wishes.  

I will respond with a price quote and a delivery date! Once you have confirmed I will send you an invoice as %50 deposit is required up front. 

Prices will include tax + shipping.  If you are local there will be no shipping cost. 

  • Shipping: art will be professional packaged and shipped through FedEx Ground
Thank you again for your support and appreciation of my work! I look forward to meeting you and having my work in your home!       

Please fill out the form below with the criteria mentioned above.

*If you are a designer please contact me directly at

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